Photo By Steve Evans


The impact of the Ebola outbreak on the existing campaigns for gender equality and women’s empowerment in multiple West African countries has been catastrophic.  Specifically, while legal practitioners and educators were already struggling to promote campaigns against domestic violence prior to the outbreak, they have been further disempowered in the epidemic’s wake.  As such, all concentrated efforts to bring attention back to those campaigns are of enormous importance.  Hence, it is our mission to assist in promoting change in these areas through our highly focused photographic evidence project.

Thus, Change Through Focus seeks to empower victims of domestic violence in rural West Africa and beyond.  To do so, CTF provides access to justice practitioners, who would otherwise have none, with the tools and education to produce effective photographic evidence in domestic violence matters.  The resulting images are used in both customary and formal legal systems to give a voice to those vulnerable individuals who often are unable to speak, whose words are undervalued or who simply remain unheard.

Further, Change Through Focus works to reach beyond West Africa by educating other nonprofits which lead access to justice, gender based violence and community building programs on the usefulness of our programs.  Thus, prompting them to use their resources to duplicate our photographic evidence project in their efforts worldwide.